Conference speech: “We will give London back to Londoners” – Sian Berry for  Mayor 2021

The Green candidate for the London Mayoral race has has attacked the treatment of key workers by the government during the Covid crisis. 

Sian Berry said that health secretary Matt Hancock left workers “exposed” to coronavirus and attacked chancellor of the exchequer Rishi Sunak for “ignoring nurses who need a pay rise”. 

Berry made the remarks as part of her speech to the party’s conference.. Sian said: “Matt Hancock: you don’t protect the future by leaving our most exposed key workers – teachers, bus drivers, police officers and shop workers – at work without vaccines. Rishi Sunak: you don’t build a better future by forgetting those who have kept the country going this past year. By ignoring nurses who need a pay rise. By leaving councils in debt, unable to pay for the step change in social care that we all need in place. By leaving renters with no new help, in arrears debt and fearing for their homes.”  


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