What does social distancing mean for public transport? – Caroline Russell AM

Fines for many traffic violations have not increased in over a decade in London.

Fines for illegally parking in a bus lane or a red route, or for breaking loading restrictions, are still at 2011 levels.

‘This is effectively a ten year “fines freeze” for thoughtless driving in London,’ according to Caroline Russell, Green London Assembly member.

Caroline has proposed bringing these fines in line with those for non-payment of the congestion charge, which have been £160 (or £80 if paid within 14 days) since 2018. The proposal could raise £20m over a two-year period – which could be reinvested in accessibility for pedestrians.
Russell highlights that ‘some streets lack basic things like a dropped kerb, which creates barriers for people pushing buggies, walking with a stick or white cane or using a mobility scooter. Even a small investment in these changes can make a huge difference to Londoners.’


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