GP time being wasted over doubled-up vaccine appointments

Siân Berry pitches bold Green Party agenda to London business group -  OnLondon

London doctors are reporting that some people are being invited twice for coronavirus vaccine appointments – by different systems for the same injection – by their local GPs and the national vaccination scheme. 

Dr Farah Jameel, a GP in Camden, has said that too many patients were receiving two invites, with clinician’s time ‘being wasted’ over this duplication of effort. 

Sian Berry, the Green candidate for London Mayor, has written to the Vaccines Minister to ask how the vaccinations are being organised. 

As the vaccine rollout continues, this appointments confusion could become a significant issue, as patient numbers increase for different doses. 

Sian said: “I am extremely worried about the duplication of effort in vaccine appointments, and the confusion for patients who want to do the right thing and get their vaccination at the proper time. “Local boroughs and GPs have a great network so to not work with that and put a huge national programme over the top without using the local resources already in place is bound to cause issues. We must avoid more costly Government mistakes and I hope the minister will act to solve this urgently.”   


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