Greens Stand Up For Vital Green Spaces Under Threat

Harrow Green Party | Green Party Brent and Harrow GLA candidate announced

London Underground’s green infrastructure amounts to 10 per cent of all green spaces in the city. 

Yet Emma Wallace, Green London Assembly candidate, has highlighted that TFL contractors have been repeatedly reported removing miles of trees and vegetation running along London’s Underground tracks – most recently along the Metropolitan and Chiltern Lines.  

Wallace states: “These acts of environmental vandalism mean rich, green corridors are severely reduced, impacting residents’ health and mental well-being, as well as removing biodiverse habitat for local wildlife.  
“With 55 per cent of the London Underground track network recorded above ground, we recognise a need for trackside vegetation maintenance. But the actions of TFL contractors are often excessive and unnecessary. They are treating these rich, green corridors as more of a liability than an ecological asset in which to invest.”
TFL and the Mayor must, Wallace asserts, ‘act now and protect our vital green trackside spaces and wildlife.’  

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