Greens Become Westminster’s Third Biggest Party!

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The Greens are now the third biggest party according to a new poll by Ipsos Mori.

Overtaking the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party is now on 8 per cent. 
The polling finds the Tories have barely changed their position, having 42% of support. Labour has lost some support, down three points on 38%. The Lib Dems are on 7%.

Commenting on the polling, the Co-Leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley said: 

“It’s great to see the polls reflecting the increasing support for the Greens. 
“More than ever people are looking ahead, thinking about what life could be like once we come out the other side of this pandemic and they want to support a party that has a vision for that future which puts people and planet first.”

“We’re focused on investing to create Green jobs, in building resilience in communities and making homes warm and comfortable– really practical steps that make life better and contribute to dealing with the climate emergency.”


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