Doing Politics Differently for GE19

The Green Party has shown it really does do politics differently by coming to an arrangement with Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats to field one candidate from a Remain party in selected seats in England and Wales for the upcoming election.

Co-Leader of the Green Party Jonathan Bartley said: “This is about recognising how damaging Brexit would be – for people and for the environment – and ensuring there is as much representation of Remain parties in the next Parliament as possible. 

“Our country is at a crossroads and this election must be the point at which we start to move in a better direction. Everyone knows the Greens are the least tribal of any party and we are always willing to work with others for what’s in the best interests of the country.”

At our Autumn Conference members voted overwhelmingly in favour of engaging in discussions around electoral agreements and in London the arrangement means we will be the remain candidate in Dulwich and West Norwood and stand aside in Twickenham, Chelsea & Fulham, Richmond Park and Wimbledon.  Members of the local parties involved have been fully consulted and balloted, with clear majorities in favour of standing aside to end Brexit chaos and the threats it poses in a climate emergency.

Sian Berry, Green Party Co-Leader said: “The crash-out Brexit the Tories are pushing for would be a disaster for people up and down England and Wales – and for action on climate chaos.

“Yes, as political parties we have differences, but what we’ve agreed is that on the climate, on stopping Brexit, saving local services and fixing the voting system, we must work together now so we can work together in the new parliament to make these things happen.”

The Green Party supports a People’s Vote to decide the future of Britain in the EU and will campaign to Remain.


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