Siân Berry Resolves to Improve the Lives of Londoners

Sian Berry 2020 Mayoral candidateIn a time when politics is so chaotic, London needs hope. Siân Berry is standing for Mayor with a promise to deliver the bold action needed to address the chronic problems Londoners face. Siân came third in the last election for Mayor, ahead of the Liberal Democrats. With your support she can deliver the radical policies London needs to address the issues we all face each day.

This year has seen a wave of Green election wins across Europe and in the UK. Never before has the Green Party been so popular and ready to fight for every vote. Siân has won major U-turns from the current Mayor as an Assembly Member, but a Green Mayor would be a bolder step and would enable her to take meaningful action to improve the lives of Londoners.

Siân said: ìThe Green Party has a track record of delivering on our promises. I’ve worked hard to hold Sadiq Khan to account as Mayor. I convinced him to put £45 million back into youth services, after I exposed deep cuts in council funding, and campaigned with estate residents to win new rights to stop the demolition of their homes. Action from Greens on the Assembly has led to promises from the Mayor to declare a climate emergency, but putting a Green in City Hall is the only way to get the urgent change our city needs to solve this crisis. Together we can fix the broken politics that are failing London, and every Green vote pushes us towards that goal. Sadiq Khan needs the strongest possible challenge in 2020, and the Greens are here to deliver it.


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