Riding the European Green Wave

Scott AinslieMEP with Jean LambertThe UK joined the ’Green Wave’ when the results of the European Parliament elections were announced on Sunday 26th May, after the whole of the EU had finished voting.

 Shortly after cheering the election of Eastern Region’s Catherine Rowett, London was celebrating the election of Scott Ainslie as we held on to the seat I had first won with the Greens 20 years earlier in 1999. As Scott was being interviewed by London and international media, the rest of us at City Hall were dancing and screaming with delight as other Green wins came in: five more in all, from the North West (Gina Dowding), West Midlands (Ellie Chowns), Magid Magid (Yorks and Humberside) , the re-election of the wonderful Molly Scott Cato in the South-West and – lastly- the news that we had held on to the seat in the South-East, as #Alex4EU Philipps was elected to the seat that Keith Taylor had vacated after 9 years.

 Across the UK, Greens won their best EP results ever. Our message of:  Yes to Europe, No to climate change had resonated with voters.

 Scott joins the largest-ever Green/EFA Group in the European Parliament- dedicated to rapid action on climate change, defending human rights and working for tax justice and equality. For Greens here, our challenge is to make this more than a short-term win as we head towards the October 31st deadline to leave the EU. It is urgent that people learn more about why the EU is so critical to our future and why we need a People’s Vote. 

Jean Lambert June 2019


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