Green’s Launch EU Election Campaign

The Greens launched their European Election campaign on Wednesday 8 May just one week after the tremendous success of the recent Local Elections where we more than doubled our number of councillors. At the launch, Co-leader Sian Berry told a packed press conference: “Our message to the people is very simple: It’s time to say Yes to Europe, Yes to investing in communities, and No to climate chaos.”

Co-leader Jonathan Bartley added: “”If you thought last week’s local election results for the Greens were good, let me tell you – the Green Wave is growing in strength and there is much more to come. This is our moment, and we’re ready for the best election we’ve ever had. Every Green MEP elected from our brilliant team of candidates will be a commanding voice calling for what this country needs now: a People’s Vote.”

In London our lead candidates are Scott Ainslie and Gulnar Hasnain.  Scott, a Lambeth Councillor for the past five years, has robustly stood up for community council housing, libraries, local businesses, clean air, greater transparency in council finances and for survivors of child abuse. Gulnar Hasnain has worked for the Mayor of London’s Economic Development Agency was part of the City Hall team who set up the world’s 1st City Climate Change Action Plan.  

Scott says of this campaign  ‘I am so proud of Londoners for being ahead of the curve in electing and re-electing The Green Party since 1999. We are the most credible Pro-Remain party on the ballot – proudly European: with a real, long-term plan for the Climate Emergency. Where Greens lead, others follow: in 2015, we were the only party to stand on an anti-austerity platform; in 2016, our MP, Caroline Lucas was the first to call for a People’s Vote on the final deal. Greens are the cure for the sickness in our politics unleashed by the Brexit project.’


“The two main political parties’ time is up. We have a zombie parliament. As the local elections showed, people across the UK see how hard local Green councillors work to change things for the better in their communities. That credibility and trust is being rewarded with their vote.

In the EU election, vote for the Remain party with the largest number of MEPs and who can win. Vote for the Green Party.”

Find out more about our candidates and our campaign here.


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