Lewisham Candidates for Local Elections in May 2018

Lewisham Council has looked like this for the last four years.

Greens hold the only seat on the Council that isn't Labour

Our councillor John Coughlin has held the only seat, one of the three for Brockley ward, not taken by Labour. John has worked hard to be a constructively critical voice, holding Labour to account on issues ranging from the Council budget to the Millwall CPO to the local elections voting system.

To make a more effective opposition we need more Green voices on Lewisham council. If just one more Green joins John in the Council chamber we can start to put forward motions and bring fresh ideas to the table in Lewisham.

You can find candidate profiles here.

You have the power to keep a Green voice on the Council and to make it stronger and louder. To get involved please email coordinator@lewisham.greenparty.org.uk


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