Camden candidates – vote for Green councillors on 3 May

Camden Green Party has announced its candidates for the 2018 council election. Aiming to hold Sian Berry’s seat in Highgate and gain more Green councillors to hold the council to account.

The party’s manifesto will be published soon, and will see candidates pledging to be a principled opposition on Camden Council, ensuring fairness and transparency, and standing up for council homes, clean air and youth services.

Sian Berry, Kirsten de Keyser and John Holmes, candidates for Highgate Ward, said today:

“We want to thank Camden residents for the many good wished we have been sent ahead of the council election on 3 May. Greens have proven to be the hardest working councillors, and a strong, principled opposition to the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition from 2006 and to Labour who have held power in Camden since 2010.

“Voting Green is even more important this year as we face the risk of a bigger Labour majority or even a one-party state council, which would be terrible for democracy and our citizens. Councils without strong opposition generally provide worse value for money and a study by the Electoral Reform Society showed this costs the public about £2.6 billion a year across the country.

‘Your choice in Camden this year is hard work and accountability from Green councillors, or more Labour councillors to add to their huge majority.”


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