No CETA public meeting comes to Westminster

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As Greens were some of the first to raise the truth about corporate-led trade deals at the European level, the pressure is on as the vote approaches in the EU parliament in Strasbourg, where Justin Trudeau, the well-dressed successor to conservative leader Stephen Harper, is expected to speak.  If the bulk of the Labour MEPs support the recently published deal, as indicated in their 2014 and 2015 manifestos but opposed by co-operative party MPs such as John McDonnell, it is likely to be blocked by some EU states.  However, we are worried that the chilling effect will already do much damage, such as the watering-down of the fuel quality directive.

Though some Tories are likely to abstain due to mass pressure, the deal is supported and indeed pushed by the UK government as a parting gift and will likely serve as a template for the necessary bi lateral deals.

In stead we should be promoting fair trade.

If you would like a copy of the Greens / European Free Alliance new report, or any other information about the trade issue, you can contact the Greens / EFA office in London directly by accessing



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