Scrapping congestion charge would be shameful waste of public money, say Greens

The scheme has proved a wonderful success in reducing traffic and Greens want to expand congestion charging, not scrap it.

It is utterly foolhardy for the likes of Tory Steve Norris to say they want to cancel the scheme. Londoners would never forgive them for such an outrageous waste of taxpayers’ money. Scrapping the scheme would be ideology gone mad."

Cancelling London’s congestion charge scheme would cost London £81 million to terminate its contracts with service providers, as well as lose the capital £650 million in revenue from the scheme over the next five years.

The losses will not only be financial. If the charge is scrapped, the 20 per cent reduction in central London traffic would also be lost and London would lose £731 million in transport improvements over 5 years.



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