Greens organise candlelit vigil for peace

Darren Johnson, Leader of the Green Group in the London Assembly, said, ‘We are asking people to bring their own candle and jam jar. People are being urged to wear black or black and red, to symbolise the blood spilt in this conflict.’

The organisers of the action plan to spell the words ‘No Blood Money’ using people and candles, behind Brian Haw’s peace camp in Parliament Square.

The Greens want as many people as possible to take part in this action. Black bin bags and marker tape will be provided to position people who are spelling out the words. Once in position, there will be a silent vigil at 8pm.

Darren Johnson said, ‘After the vigil, campaigners will tear up a cheque symbolising the amount of ‘Blood Money’ spent for every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom on the war on Iraq. This is around £50 per person.’

Organisers have asked supporters to kindly remember that Brian Haw has had his Peace Camp in Parliament Square for well over a year, and he has been on hunger strike since Wednesday 26th March. Supporters are therefore requested to be sensitive and respectful in relation to this.



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