A racket that must be stopped: Greens say no to extra 10 flights an hour proposal

Currently, between 4am and 3pm, planes take off from one runway and land on the other. Then from 3pm to 11.30pm, the operation is reversed. This gives residents a break from having to endure the noisier landings all day: it is the noisier landings that are the cause of most complaints.

But if the mixed-mode proposal goes ahead, residents will suffer all day because both runways would be in use for both take-offs and landings.

Commenting on the plans, Cllr. Darren Johnson, Leader of the Green Party Group in the London Assembly said, ‘It seems to be the intention of a big-business cartel to inflict the maximum amount of misery on local residents. This is a racket that must be stopped.

Both this idea and the attempt to build extra runways would cause huge problems. We have to get away from the idea that there must be year-on-year growth in aviation. It is unsustainable.’

The Greens have vowed support campaigners in their fight against the plans.


Notes to Editors

The three airlines backing the scheme are British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and British Midland.


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