Greens call on Mayor to stand firm on lorry ban

Victor Anderson said: "I am very concerned about hints that the Mayor is thinking of ending the ban on night-time lorry deliveries. The ban has provided peace and quiet for many people in London who would have their quality of life ruined if it were to be scrapped. Ken Livingstone should waste no more time considering such a deeply unpopular step."

The week-end and night-time lorry ban runs from 1pm on Saturday afternoon until 7am on Monday morning, and from 9pm to 7am on weekdays. It was implemented in 1986 after a hard battle by local authorities. The lorry ban has provided welcome relief from noise to residents who live near shops and in London’s commercial areas. It is an essential noise limitation measure.

Congestion charging is designed to cut traffic in inner London, which will also reduce traffic noise. Weakening the lorry ban would be a retrograde step and more than cancel out any noise alleviation resulting from the congestion charge.

Victor Anderson added: “Weakening the night-time lorry ban once congestion charge kicks in would be totally counterproductive. The last thing we need is a charter for juggernauts.”



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