Public sector workers are worth the Weighting

Cllr. Darren Johnson, Green Party Assembly Member says, “London is a city that is increasingly expensive to live in. It’s also a city of both low pay and extreme wealth. We need to make sure that those who look after the capital can afford to live here. That’s why London Green Party has written to Unison to give their support for an increase in London Weighting to £4000 for public sector and local government workers. We believe that everyone should be guaranteed a decent, living wage”.

London Green Party says that the last thing London needs is for ordinary workers who keep London running to be priced out of the city. The high cost of living in the capital means that many public sector working are only just getting by. London Greens argue that an increase in London Weighting to £4000 will reflect the real costs of living in London.

Commenting on the situation, Danny Bates, London Green Party Policy Co-ordinator says, “We need to make it a city that ordinary Londoners can both live and work in: an inclusive and affordable city. London must not be allowed to become a city for the well-off few. We want a London that everyone can afford to enjoy. An increase in London Weighting to £4000 is one way of making sure this happens for public sector workers”.


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