Greens enjoy support across London

522 Green candidates stood in 31 boroughs across London and Green votes were up in almost every part of the capital.

In Lewisham, Darren Johnson was elected to serve Brockley Ward. He said: "It is a privilege to have been elected to represent Brockley. People in the ward have given strong support to the Green Party over many years. Brockley can be assured it has elected in me a strong Green voice who will champion community concerns."

The average votes cast for Green candidates across London has increased markedly since 1998 and prospects are now very good for the GLA and European elections in 2004.
Darren Johnson added: "The widespread support we have enjoyed across London will translate into successes in two years time."

Notable results from the boroughs are:

* Lewisham: Sinna Mani and Dean Walton missed seats in Brockley by 21 and 71 votes respectively. The Green Party gained second place to Labour in Brockley, Crofton Park, Evelyn, Ladywell and Rushey Green.

* Camden: Si├ón Berry missed a seat in Highgate by 38 votes. Total vote for the Green Party across the borough was 13.22%, despite the ‘first past the post’ electoral system.

* Hackney: David Phillips missed a seat in Brownswood by 50 votes. The Green Party came second place to Labour in Brownswood, Clissold, De Beauvoir, Hackney Central, Hackney Downs, Leabridge and Stoke Newington Central.

* Islington: The Green Party gained second place to Labour in Finsbury Park and Highbury West and were ahead of Tories in every ward. Vote across the borough was 10.83%.

Elsewhere in London, there was a clear improvement, with the Green Party frequently beating the other main parties to second or third place.


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