Greens call for Low Emission Zone

The LEZ would improve air quality and reduce pollution by requiring higher emission standards from vehicles entering the zone. This would apply to large vehicles such as lorries and coaches, not to cars. The aim is to reduce asthma amongst children and deaths from respiratory diseases amongst older people.

Jenny Jones, Green Member of the Greater London Assembly and Transport Spokesperson for the Greens, said: "Urgent action is needed to cut asthma and lung disease in London. Greens are calling on local councils and the Mayor to reduce pollution from lorries, coaches, and other large vehicles. We urgently need a Low Emission Zone. The quality of the air we breathe affects the health of all of us."

The details of an LEZ are currently being considered in a feasibility study involving the GLA and borough councils. This will recommend in the autumn what would be feasible – the area of the zone, which types of vehicles it would apply to, and how it would be enforced.

Victor Anderson, Green Member of the GLA and Ken Livingstone’s Environment Advisor said: "Greens are keen to make sure that there is political momentum behind the study’s recommendations by urging borough councils and health, environmental and other organisations to sign up in support of the principle of a Low Emission Zone."


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