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What's the problem with our city's air?


According to researchers at King's College London, air pollution in our city is responsible for more than 9,500 premature deaths every year.

That makes it a bigger health risk than smoking.


London's air is so polluted that it exceeds limits set by the EU to safe guard citizens' health - and the UK is facing fines as a result.



Getting worseAnd Getting Worse

Air pollution related deaths increased in 15 of London's boroughs between 2008-11 - by 2020 45% of London's roads will have illegal levels of pollution. 

Clean Air for London

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To find out how polluted your road is click here

Check out our Buzzfeed article to discover some of the tricks Mayor Boris Johnson has tried to hide the problem rather than acting to protect Londoners. 

Read Green MEP Jean Lambert's guide Air pollution - London's hidden killer to find out who is most at risk from air pollution

London smog episode February 2013. Image from Clean Air in London

Only Greens will clean up London's air 

Greens will fight for:

A Pedestrian and Cycle Friendly City

Pedestrian and Cycle Friendly

Greens will push for the expansion of 20mph zones to all roads where people live, work or go to school.

Greens will work with local campaigners to improve road layouts to make it safer and easier to get about on foot or bike.

Greens will work to ensure more freight and waste is shipped on rivers and canals, removing dangerous lorries and HGVs from London’s roads

Legal Protection for Londoners' Health


Greens will put pressure on the EU so that it doesn't give in to the demands of polluting companies and lazy officials to waterdown legal protection against air pollution.

Greens will work hard to ensure EU pollution limits protect citizen's health, and that these limits are enforced.

A Charge on the Most Polluting Vehicles

Most Polluting VehiclesGreens will work to raise standards in the Low Emission Zone which covers most of Greater London, so that more polluting heavy and old diesel vehicles are included and charged.

Greens will put pressure on London's Mayor and Councils to include more boroughs in the new Ultra Low Emission Zone, allowing only the cleanest diesel and petrol vehicles in inner London.


What are elected Greens already doing about it?

In the London Assembly our Green AMs Jenny Jones and Darren Johnson 

Darren Johnson (2nd left) Jenny Jones (centre)secured cross party support for the introduction of the Low Emissions Zone which now covers most of Greater London and means those who want to drive the most polluting older and heavy diesel vehicles must pay a daily charge.


In the European Parliament our Green MEP for London Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert MEPhelped launch the Clean Air for London Campaign in 2009, which continues to put pressure on the European Commission to stand firm against the UK government's pitiful air pollution record, and attempts to water down legislation designed to protect Britons' health. 

Our local Green Councillors 

Maya de Souza (centre)in Camden and Islington have succeeded in their campaign to introduce 20mph to Islington and Camden Borough Council roads, expected to save lives otherwise lost to air pollution and collisions.


Vote to elect Green MPs in London, and they will be able to build on the work of Green MP Caroline Lucas 

Caroline Lucaswho, in her role on the Environmental Audit Committee Green Party MP Caroline Lucas has consistently held Ministers to account over their failure to communicate air pollution levels to the public or to take the steps necessary to reduce emissions levels.

Caroline also helped to lead a successful motion to the government calling on Ministers to boost funding for cycling across the country

Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting is on Monday 16 September at 7pm (doors open 6.30pm) at Living Space Waterloo, 1 Coral Street, SE1 7BE.  

On the Agenda: Hustings for candidates for London Greens officer posts and Q&A session on engaging BME community for London May 2020 elections.