Re-ordering of London-wide list of candidates for the London Assembly

17 November 2015

The London Green Party today issued the following statement on the amendment to the order of its list of candidates for the London-wide section of the London Assembly.

The Green Party uses Electoral Reform Services, an independent organisation, to conduct internal elections. On reviewing the result of our London Assembly list election it emerged that a small procedural deviation from our selection framework was made when the instruction was given to ERS about how our votes should be counted. The procedures used for counting votes in an election by Single Transferable Vote are technical and a small mistake in counting can have a bearing on the outcome. In this case the error was due to a miscommunication of one particular detail.

In light of this discovery, and in the interest of ensuring that the result was fair, we requested a recount by ERS using a method agreed by our Elections Committee. As a result there has now been a reordering of our list of London-wide candidates for the London Assembly. Our Elections Committee and candidates are satisfied that the initial error was inadvertent, that the Green Party has rectified the mistake in accordance with our internal framework and that this result is fair and valid.

Subject to final ratification by the London Federation of Green Parties at its December meeting, the London-wide candidates in order of election are:

1. Sian Berry
2. Caroline Russell
3. Shahrar Ali
4. Jonathan Bartley
5. Noel Lynch
6. Rashid Nix
7. Tom Chance*
8. Dee Searle
9. Benali Hamdache
10. Andrea Carey Fuller
11. RoseMary Warrington

*Update 6/2/16: Tom Chance has withdrawn his candidacy, which means that Dee Searle, Benali Hamdache, Andrea Carey Fuller and RoseMary Warrington each go up a place and Peter Underwood joins the list as No 11.


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