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Croydon’s Green Party is calling on the council to sort out a housing crisis in the borough. 

Tenants have been protesting outside the town hall against unacceptable conditions and a 4.1 per cent rent hike. 

Protestors gathered to chant, “Croydon Council shame on you” after shocking living conditions were exposed at tower blocks in Regina Road.

Peter Underwood from the Croydon Green Party says housing is one of the top issues raised when out canvassing. “We should be past this stage of protesting, it should be sorted. We’ve got a housing crisis not a housing shortage. There are thousands of flats going up but they are not being provided to the people that need it.”

Caitlin Rozario, who works for an air quality company, is appalled by the thought of “little kids living in houses that are so detrimental to their physical and mental development.”

Council tenant Les Parry said Croydon’s housing service has been “catastrophic” for at least 20 years and slammed the authority for “failing.”
The rent increase will see average weekly rents for a two-bed home rise from £110.88 to £115.42.  


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