Act Now on the Climate Emergency!

Southwark Green Party

Southwark Green Party have slammed the council for not doing enough to address the Climate Emergency.

The Party has said that Southwark council’s approach lacks detail and deadlines – with too much emphasis on individual actions to combat climate change and not enough on concrete targets.  

The Greens point out it’s up to Southwark council to lead from the front, showing people a vision of a healthy and enjoyable low carbon future for everyone – “real leadership on real actions that make a difference.”  

For example, there is no pledge to reduce motor traffic before 2041. And promises to decarbonise the council fleet and plant 10,000 trees are not being put into practise. They say there’s also “a troubling number of items which lack background research.”  The Southwark Greens are asking every member of the council to read their alternative plan and work together on practical measures in the future.    


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