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The capital city is unprepared for extreme weather conditions, according to a report by a Green London Assembly member. 

Caroline Russell says she warned the Mayor back in 2019 the city was unprepared for extreme weather conditions, in her report to the London Assembly, ‘Climate Change Risks For London’.

The findings showed 23 tube stations and 643 schools were at risk of flooding and London. There would also be a huge financial impact because of climate change.

Caroline’s forecasts are, sadly, coming true as Londoners witness the closures of underground stations and roads due to incredible rain deluges. 

To protect Londoners, Caroline suggest the Mayor should revisit her report:-
‘The time for action is now. I urge the Mayor to tell the whole truth about climate change and fill the gaps this research has shown, so we can know all the risks Londoners face. He must prepare for these huge changes. London needs to be ready’. 


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