Sian Berry Pledges to Invest in Young Londoners

Sian Berry sets out Green vision of a 'different economy' for London at  Chamber of Commerce event - OnLondon

Sian Berry, the Green candidate to be Mayor of London, has promised two ambitious schemes aimed at the young people of the capital if she is elected.

One is a new three year pilot of Universal Basic Income in London, working with at least 1,000 Londoners who would be guaranteed a basic income without conditions, along with support and careers advice. 

The pilot would gather evidence and support for a basic income as a national policy, tracking the potential wider impacts on health, well being and the use of other services for evaluation. 

Sian has also pledged to  introduce a scheme to give a cohort of young people in London a new Creative Autonomy Allowance. This would provide additional support for young people starting small businesses and seeking creative and arts careers.

Sian said: “Young people are paying the price of so many things – the legacy of austerity, the current coronavirus crisis, the climate catastrophe which looms on the horizon. They deserve to be given something back. They have the ideas, they have the potential, they have the ability – they just need the support to get on and do it.” 


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