Green Party Co-Leader Condemns £100 million Contract To Serco

Co-Leaders: Jonathan Bartley & Siân Berry AM

Green Party Co-leader, Jonathan Bartley, has condemned Lambeth Council’s decision to award a massive contract to Serco. 

Serco is controversial for its running of the Yarls’s Wood immigration detention centre, its involvement with NHS privatisation, the ‘hostile environment’ policies of the government and the failing test & trace programme.  

But the Labour-led council decided to go ahead with a £100m contract for waste services, ignoring Green Party demands to review the decision.  

Bartley and other Green Party councillors pointed out the contract contravenes the council’s own policies on the hostile environment, privatisation of the NHS and its commitment to responsible procurement. 

Bartley said:- “It appears that “scrutiny” has become a dirty word when it comes to Lambeth council policies. Lambeth taxpayer’s money should not be funnelled to companies involved in abuse and exploitation.” 


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