Hate Crime Rises on London Buses

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Despite the number of bus journeys being low due to travel restrictions, new data has revealed a disturbing rise in hate crimes on London buses, jumping from 43 in May to 115 in June.

The worrying figures were revealed following a question from Green Party Assembly Member Sian Berry at a meeting of the London Assembly. 
In response, Sian made it very clear that Racism has no place in the city, and that the Green Party stood firmly against prejudice and it would work to help everyone feel safe on London transport. She urged anyone who had experienced hate crime to report it immediately. 

Sian also called for more information on the importance of reporting crimes quickly to be given to the public, as often CCTV evidence is deleted by transport operators if no alert is given.  Victims can also report hate crimes to the police or organisations such as Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) who monitor Islamophobic hate crimes. 

Sian Berry said, “Londoners are citizens from all background, of all faiths, nationalities and races. I stand in solidarity with people who have been victimised by bigots and racists and will continue to work towards making London an anti-racist city”.


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