Jonathan Bartley & Sian Berry Re-elected As Co-leaders

Jonathan Bartley & Sian Berry
Sian Berry & Jonathan Bartley

Green members have re-elected Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry as co-leaders of the party following an internal election this summer.

Bartley and Berry have now begun their second term as co-leaders by setting out their vision to build a grassroots mass movement for a Green recovery from the economic, climate and health crises we are currently in.

Jonathan Bartley said:

“The economic, climate and health crises have put the country at a crossroads. We can continue down the same old road or we can choose a transformative Green recovery that ensures the wellbeing of us all, now and in the future.

“Only the Greens have a clear, positive vision for what the country could be, and the ambition to build a grassroots mass movement which will demand, and work for, better than what came before.”

The pair have set their sights on reproducing last year’s stunning local election results, which saw the party increase its number of councillors from 178 to 362 on 122 councils.

Sian Berry said:

“We’re growing fast. Last year we doubled the number of Green councillors, and the 18 councils where Greens are part of the administration are among the most innovative and exciting in the country. But we can do so much more.”

“Next year people will have a chance to bring real change to their area by electing more Green councils, putting Green voices in the Senedd, and electing a Green Mayor for London.

Bartley has led the opposition on Lambeth council since being elected a Streatham councillor in 2018. Berry is the Green Party’s candidate for London Mayor and has been a Green London Assembly member since 2016. She has been a Camden councillor since 2014. 

Amelia Womack, who will be the Green candidate for South Wales East in next year’s Senedd election, was elected deputy leader of the party for a fourth time.

New co-leaders Bartley and Berry won with 49% of the first preference votes. Contenders Shahrar Ali and Rosi Sexton received 24% and 27% of first preference votes respectively. New deputy leader Amelia Womack won with 47% of the first preference votes with Bristol councillor Cleo Lake leading the four other contenders with 30% of first preference votes.


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