Conservative Councillors Blocking Safer Streets

For the second time this year Conservative councillors have blocked much needed plans to make London’s roads safer. Kensington and Chelsea’s Conservative administration, with the support of the local Labour party, have vetoed a TfL proposal to provide a safe walking and cycling route from Shepherdís Bush to Holland Park. This follows Conservative Westminster council blocking the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street earlier in the year. In both cases the current state of the roads has caused countless injuries, collisions and even deaths.

London Assembly Member Caroline Russell said: ‘Kensington and Chelsea council has behaved atrociously. It’s unbelievable that they would pull out during the consultation, ignoring the thousands of Londoners calling for an end to dangerous roads. Sadiq Khan is unlikely to meet his pledges to make Londonís streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists if schemes like this are blocked by uncooperative councils.’

Road safety has been a central concern for Green Assembly members and councillors across London, with Greens continuing to lead the fight for investment in cycling and the provision of other safe and environmentally friendly ways of getting around.


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