Caroline Lucas on the EU campaign trail with Green Londoners

Caroline Lucas with our lead MEP candidates and campaigners at Gipsy Hill on the eve of EU ElectionsCaroline Lucas joined Londoners in Southwark and Lambeth on the eve of the EU elections to underline our key message in the important last push on the doorstep. 

After taking a well earned break at our temporary campaign headquarters in Gipsy Hill, Caroline addressed Green campaigners saying ” If you want to stay in Europe that’s a really good reason to vote Green and I’m proud to be one of the founder members of the People’s Vote campaign. Vote Green if you want urgent action on the climate crisis because we know this is the biggest threat that we face today and we know that action at a European level is so vital if we’re serious about addressing that crisis”. 

Caroline also urged campaigners to remind people that these are proportional elections and they don’t have to vote tactically.  “We’ve had a Green MEP representing London for the last twenty years” she said “and the only way we’re going to lose that is if a whole mass of people think they’ve got to go and vote tactically”

“I’m also proud that the Green party has been so positive about celebrating the right to freedom of movement.  I’ve been ashamed, frankly, of the way in which the government has treated nationals from other EU countries who have made their lives here and have now been made to feel unwelcome here.  That is so shameful.  The Green Party has always been proud  to celebrate Freedom of Movement and say thank you to EU nationals for everything they have contributed to our communities.  They are our teachers, our builders, our family and our friends and that is hugely important to us as Greens”

“A strong Green vote is one of the best ways to counter the politics of hatred and fear that the likes of Nigel Farage are promoting”  Caroline emphasised “I believe that voting Green is the strongest way to say that we are standing up for the politics of hope above the politics of fear and that we reject their vision of being some kind of outpost of Xenophobic Trumpism.”



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