Caroline Russell re-elected in Highbury East

The results are in, and Green Councillor Caroline Russell has been decisively re-elected to serve Highbury East for another four years.  From an 8-vote lead in 2014 to a 666 vote majority in 2018, Caroline’s win is testimony to her years of hard work and dedication to the local residents of Highbury.

Greens celebrating victory at the count

Islington Greens celebrating Caroline’s victory in Highbury East

Across the borough, the Greens once again came second place to Labour, with the Lib Dems and Tories in third and fourth place and demonstrating again that the Greens are Islington’s leading opposition.  We will continue to engage with communities across the borough and hold Labour to account, standing up for a responsible council that protects the environment and serves local people above all.

After a hard-fought local election, other Green candidates missed out on being elected by as little as 73 votes, but the huge increase in our vote share in our target wards (Highbury East and St George’s) shows that there is a real possibility for change, and is testimony to the engagement and campaigning of all our local teams.

The next four years we will be working to help Caroline Russell as the only opposition in the Town Hall, while building on the huge progress of 2018 to spread our ideas of fairness, environmentalism and community across the whole borough.

Thank you to everyone who helped, from door-knockers, campaigners, leaflet deliverers, candidates, and behind-the-scenes organisers.  The Green Party doesn’t run on big donations – we are a community of passionate activists and volunteers, working together to make a difference.


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