Caroline Lucas visits Highbury

Last weekend, Caroline Lucas came to Highbury East to support Caroline Russell, Benali Hamdache and Ernestas Jegorovas, our Islington Green Party candidates for the local council elections.

The Islington Greens gathered in Highbury Fields and greeted Lucas with big grins upon her arrival. After commenting on the great turn-out and energy of the campaign, Lucas gave a serious but stirring speech to inspire our canvassers.

Greens campaigning in Highbury

Caroline Lucas spoke about the importance of re-electing Caroline Russell. As the sole opposition councillor in the entire borough, Russell is the only person preventing Islington from becoming a one-party state. She has worked hard every day of the last four years to make sure residents’ voices are heard and their concerns are brought into the town hall.

Without Caroline Russell, who will hold the council accountable to their residents, challenge mistakes, and prevent the 47 Labour councillors from becoming complacent?

In the previous local elections, the Green Party came second across the borough. The Islington Greens are the only credible opposition party. Electing Benali Hamdache and Ernestas Jegorovas, and re-electing Caroline Russell on May 3rd, is essential for a healthy and functional local government.



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