Visiting home and Granddad needed to go to the hospital, by Nathan Wade

Visiting home and Granddad needed to go to the hospital. Came in with him and mum.

Theres literally queues of sick people up and down every corridoor and around every corner. The staff seem used to this, it’s clearly a normal night for them.

I wish I could tell you that despite all that, everything is ok, but I can’t. The staff can’t keep up with the demand. People aren’t making it to the bathroom in time and there are people being left in pain. Obviously it isn’t their fault, they are doing their best, my heart goes out to them as well as every patient in this mess.

I wish I could take pics or a video to show you the full extent of how bad it is, but that clearly wouldn’t be appropriate considering the condition some people are in and the importance of respecting their dignity and privacy.

The NHS so clearly needs more support. i.e. more staff, more resources, more money. Why is it not given? Why would a Government so blatantly let this happen?

At time of writing, it took 5 hours to be seen by a doctor and now we’ve been waiting a further 3 hours to be allocated a bed for my granddad. I think we’ll probs be here for the night.

I’m sure we “could” leave, but that’s a tough call to make when you’re not sure the staff will be able to keep an eye on your family member in the corridoor properly because they are being pulled in every direction.

There should be riots in the streets over this, but at the very least I hope anyone reading this will remember to vote accordingly when they remember who created this.

Also, “**** you* to the private company that holds the contract for the car park. How dare you make money off the back of this. You’re the scum of the Earth.

Love to all the paitents, their families and the staff in this place.

Nathan Wade with Grandfather


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