Our Environment Manifesto – Caroline Lucas in London

Caroline Lucas has announced the Green Party’s environment promises, with pledges to protect the natural world in the wake of the EU referendum, introduce locally owned energy companies, and end plastic waste

Caroline set out how the Green Party will put the environment at the heart of its politics at the launch of the party’s Environment Manifesto in London today.

Speaking to conservation activists at Woodberry Wetlands, said that Britain’s economic prosperity “depends on the natural world”, and that “a prosperous, thriving future will be green – or not at all”.
The Green Party Environment Manifesto includes plans for:

  • A new Environmental Protection Act which to protect natural world in the wake of the EU referendum decision by creating a new environmental regulator and court
  • Ending the monopoly of the Big Six energy companies by building democratic, locally owned alternatives
  • Ending plastic waste by introducing a bottle deposit scheme to stop 16 million plastic bottles ending up in environment every day

Caroline said:

“The environment has been wilfully ignored by the political mainstream and our climate and our countryside will pay the price of an environment-free election.

With 2016 the hottest year on record, and a climate-denier in the White House, the need for bold and dynamic action on climate change has never been more urgent. The UK must lead the world in building a green economy and investing in a viable future – one that respects and nurtures the natural systems on which we depend. The Greens are the only party to truly recognise the importance of the environment.

“Our economic prosperity depends on the natural world. It is the ultimate source of everything we make and use – from food and materials, to the air we breathe. Even the digital economy depends on rare earth metals and huge amounts of energy. Building a successful economy is not at odds with protecting our environment, it is impossible without it. A prosperous, thriving future will be green – or not at all.”

Read more here on the Green Party website


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