Green Party Christmas message:

The Green Party has released a Christmas message reflecting on the year of Brexit, Trump, record breaking global temperatures and an escalating refugee crisis.

But the message also cites the stories of hope which have emerged through the turmoil.

In the video, which was released today, co-leaders Jonathan Bartley and Caroline Lucas promise to keep fighting for the change that is already here – “if you know where to look”.

Colin Boyle, Co-ordinator of London Green Party, said “Thankfully all of my relations were for Remain.”

Ben, a member of Barnet Green Party, said:

“For many of us in London, 2016 has been a really tough year. On top of the national and international events which have rocked our country and world this year, in London we have faced Tories trashing our public services and dealt with air pollution. But in the face of these difficulties have also been reasons to celebrate, like when our election campaign spoke up against Zac’s nasty campaign against Sadiq Khan and when the Central Hill Estate flipped from 20% to 80% Green support in a local by-election. These stories of hope show us a better future for Greater London and our country is possible – in 2017 the London Federation of Green Parties will fight on as a voice for London’s communities.”

In the message, Jonathan said:

“Let’s be honest 2016 has been sh*t. Refugees drowning. The far-right rising. The EU referendum campaign. Trump. And the hottest year on record.”

Jonathan and Caroline said:

“For every racist headline – there’s someone opening their door to a refugee.

“For every attack on our environment there are people who are fighting for clean air, clean water and clean energy.

“For every cut to our health service there are doctors, nurses and patients joining together to defend our most precious institution.”

Although 2016 has been tough, Jonathan and Caroline promised to continue to build on centuries of compassionate, progressive politics to bring about a future that builds bridges – not walls.

Jonathan said:

“So this is our message to you at the end of 2016: Nobody owns the future. Not Donald Trump. Not Nigel Farage. Not Theresa May.

“We have to fight for the future we want to see a future based on fairness, on equality, on hope.”


To read the full message click here. To watch the full video click here.



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