Thank you from your new Green Assembly Members!

Very late on Friday 6 May we found out that Sian Berry and Caroline Russell had been elected as new Green London Assembly Members. 

Across London, Greens had record-breaking results. One hundred and fifty thousand people voted first choice for a Green Mayor, and we came third overall for the second time.

Nearly half a million more Londoners voted Green as their second choice. We beat the Lib Dems and UKIP on every measure, despite pundits saying we couldn’t. And the Independent has hailed the ‘surprisingly huge’ Green vote in the capital.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this happen!

Thank you to every Green Party member and supporter in London who worked so hard getting our message out for many very cold months, and especially during election week reminding people to vote Green on the orange ballot paper.

And thank you so much to all our candidates – those standing as Londonwide candidates, and in the constituencies – where we kept every single deposit.

And thanks, thanks, and thanks again to all the wonderful Londoners who voted for us – we have now cemented our place as the third party in London! It’s great that so many people are recognising the power of our good ideas for tackling major issues such as housing and air pollution across London.

Sian and Caroline have already started their work, pushing the new Mayor to implement the good ideas in our manifesto. Sian will be focused on Housing, Policing and the GLA budget, while Caroline will work on Environment, Transport and the wider economy. Both are sitting on the relevant committees and will be chairing the Housing and Economy committees next year.

Their new Assembly webpages:


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