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Climate change must be at heart of energy policy, says Green MEP

Green MEP Jean Lambert comments on the recent UN report that warns no-one will be immune to climate change, and calls for renewables and energy conservation to be at the heart of policy.

Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert calls for immediate action against climate change in light of new UN reports.

Climate change will spiral out of control, worsening poverty, inequality and conflict – unless we put renewables and energy conservation at the heart of energy policy, London’s Green Euro-MP Jean Lambert warned today.

Of course we need to tackle the obscene profits and high domestic energy prices for Londoners as we do so, but by reorganising the sector, increasing public funding for domestic energy-saving devices and community renewable energy generation – not by cutting the so-called ‘Green Crap’,” said Ms Lambert.

She made her comments after scientists published the latest International Panel on Climate Change report today. The report warns that the poorest around the world will be disproportionately affected, warning of food shortages, heatwaves, flooding and other weather-related disasters, unless Governments act to reduce carbon and other emissions now.

The UN report also warned, for the first time, that climate change was fuelling conflict, and that no-one would be immune unless greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

The report makes stark reading,” said Ms Lambert “London is a global city and many will already be aware of the effects of climate change in other countries.

It’s clear that if we act now we can avert some of the worst impacts – and we’ll have a chance to draw up a new global deal on reducing emissions fairly when world leaders meet in Paris next year.

But the EU will really need to play a leadership role: championing the targets proposed by the Greens: to reduce emissions by at least 60% by 2030 – probably much more – and to set targets for adopting energy conservation and renewable energy generation measures.

We’ll need strong voices for the environment in the European Parliament after the election in May for that to happen.”