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Southwark Council betray cyclists with u-turn on Go Dutch commitment

Southwark Green Party has called on Cllr Peter John to honour his commitment to adopt the ‘Go Dutch’ cycling principles, after it emerged that new standards for streets recommend the removal of cycle lanes and a include policy against safe, protected cycle lanes. Cllr John promised to change the council’s approach last year following a campaign of tens of thousands of cyclists calling for more protection on main roads, but the new standards turn back the clock and could require cyclists to navigate 30 mph main roads without any cycle lanes at all.

Tom Chance of Southwark Green Party said:

“I’m horrified that the council thinks it’s OK to leave cyclists without any sort of protection on main roads, with lorries and buses thundering past. It’s very disappointing after the cabinet promised to change this dangerous policy last year. Peter John needs to honour his promise and stop these standards being agreed.

“These standards are written for very confident, lycra-clad commuters. Our streets should be a safe and pleasant place for people to cycle, whether you are seven or seventy years old. This has to include wide, protected cycle lanes on main roads.”