Greens lay out ambitious agenda for future of congestion charging

She welcomed recent surveys which show that more people than expected are thinking about leaving their car at home, but she also highlighted an AA report which found that around half of the people currently driving into the zone will be eligible for a discount, or exemption. She wants to maintain the momentum towards traffic reduction by:

· Motorbikes paying £2.50, in order to stop the rise in road casualties;
· Lorries paying £15, to reflect the damage to road surfaces and the high levels of polluting emissions;
· Larger engined vehicles to pay more;
· Expanding the zone by giving people across London the chance to opt in.
· Creating a banded set of zones, spreading out in concentric circles across London, with charges rising to £10 for some vehicles, as you approach the more congested central area.

Jenny said:

“The motoring lobby are frightened silly that congestion charging is going to work and once it is seen to work, that it is going to spread. I want to lay out an agenda for the next stage of this struggle to tame the car and to create a London which is quieter, cleaner, safer and generally nicer to live in.”

“Next week is going to difficult, but I think that most Londoners are willing to give this scheme a chance to settle in and work.”



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