Greens want faster action on a thousand new speed cameras in London

The aim of the London Road Safety Camera Partnership is to reduce deaths and serious injuries on the capital’s roads by 1,125 over the next five years. The Partnership has identified nearly a thousand crash blackspots where over 5,200 people have been killed or seriously injured in the last three years.

A survey by the Partnership of 1000 Londoners conducted over the last 3 months shows overwhelming support for Safety Cameras, with 84% supporting the cameras as a method of reducing road casualties. 94% agreed that injuries caused by a collision are likely to be more severe if the vehicle involved is driving over the speed limit.

An illustration of what this will mean for local communities is the recent revelation by the London Camera Partnership that out of a list of 25 to 30 dangerous spots in each local authority area, the council will be asked to select 5 sites which would be covered.

Jenny will be attending the installation of new cameras along a stretch of the A13 Limehouse Link in Tower Hamlets, at 9am on Monday 3rd February.

Jenny Jones, Green Party member of the Metropolitan Police Authority, said, “If these cameras are saving lives then we need to cover all the sites properly and as quickly as possible. I intend to work with the Partnership to expand the camera system and to convince Londoners to stay within the speed limit. We need a comprehensive system of cameras and a determined attitude towards prosecution. Other areas of the country are not only reducing the number of casualties, but also changing the whole culture of speeding – London shouldn’t be lagging behind.”



The main members of the London Safety Camera Partnership are the police, local authorities and TfL.


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