Greens bid farewell to human shield for Iraq

Jenny says, “The sheer number who signed-up to volunteer to be human shields shows the desperate outrage people are feel over the prospect of war. The Green Party is the only political party in Britain which has consistently opposed this unjust and immoral war against Iraq.

US and British led sanctions have already murdered around one million Iraqi civilians, half a million of them children and now they want to drop cluster bombs on them as well.

It is ludicrous that this government does not see the damage caused by the arming of repressive regimes; regimes that go on to use these machines of death against their own people, resulting in waves of refugees and asylum seekers rightly seeking escape in Britain, and now possibly the very same weapons being used against our armed forces if Tony Blair makes the mistake of joining George Bush’s crusade for oil.

The fact that people are prepared to risk their lives, acting as a human shield to protect the lives of innocent Iraqi civilians should surely send a message to this government. The people of Britain do not support the Prime Minister in his bloodthirsty coalition with the US. They do not want an illegal war that murders innocents, costs billions and leaves blood on their hands.”



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