Greens highlight nuclear threat

Trains carrying nuclear waste for reprocessing regularly cross the capital, passing through several boroughs where the Green Party expects to win seats in the local elections on 2 May.

Elected Greens in London will oppose the continued transport of nuclear waste and press for complete decommissioning of nuclear power stations. As one alternative to meeting our energy needs, the Green Party is proposing that all new buildings should have solar panels installed.

Darren Johnson, Leader of the Greens on the London Assembly comments: "It was after the Chernobyl accident that I realised the dangers of nuclear energy and the need to tackle environmental problems at government level. Within the GLA, Greens called for an Inquiry into the transport of nuclear waste through London. The Inquiry, which I chaired last year, highlighted the dangers and inadequate safety precautions relating to nuclear waste transport."

Hugo Charlton, Green Party Candidate for St Mary’s Ward in Battersea says: "The nuclear waste containers are only designed to withstand a drop of 8 metres, but we have two bridges and an embankment which exceed that height in our ward, on the route the train takes. An accident at Clapham Junction, whether it were to be caused by a signalling error or simple terrorist derailment could render a large chunk of London uninhabitable for months. It is extraordinary that the Government is prepared to run this risk."


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