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Sian Berry with Shahrar Ali and Caroline Russell

The power of good ideas

For the first time in history over half the world lives in cities, and there is no better city to start changing the world than London.

We have a rich history of change and invention and our eight million people are bursting with ideas to solve our problems. This Green Party manifesto for the 2016 election set out detailed plans for the Mayor and Assembly that built on these ideas and they are what we are continuing to work on from City Hall.

Greens put fairness at the heart of all our policies: building more homes with co-operatives and smaller companies not big developers, funding experts to help communities defend their estates and helping private tenants with rent controls and a renters’ union so they can organise and stand together.

We will make sure City Hall listens to Londoners and involves them more directly in the decisions that affect our city.


Green London Assembly Member and 2016 candidate for Mayor of London

Pictured above with Caroline Russell and Shahrar Ali

Download our 2016 London manifesto and key policies here


Find out more about our good ideas for London on Sian Berry's website: the power of good ideas

Click here to read the Policies for a Sustainable Society, our long term goals decided democratically by members of the Green Party of England & Wales based on 10 core values.  Now with added Brexit chapter!

Our London Manifestos

Looking for our manifesto for the 2015 General Election? Manifestoover on the national Green Party website

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