Heathrow transport budget error is “cataclysmic miscalculation” says Sian Berry

25 April 2016

“Just as the business case for a third runway at Heathrow has been vastly exaggerated, it now turns out the cost to the public purse has been massively underestimated.”

Greens launch manifesto to support and value BAME Londoners

23 April 2016

“If the Police Service were more like London and were able to identify with and work with all the people it serves it would be a better service. But with the West Midlands force nearly twice as far along the road to properly representing its population as the Met we have work to do in London.”

Greens pledge more than £1.5 billion to unlock London’s cycling potential

20 April 2016

“So far we have barely scratched the surface in terms of the potential for cycling in London. I want to make the bicycle the default option for short journeys – just as it is in European cities such as Amsterdam or Copenhagen.”

Greens rule out recommending second-preference candidate for Mayor

19 April 2016

“The Greens have grown in strength and experience over 16 years and our policies stand alone as the best ideas for London in this election. We are the only party that will say no to big road building, airport expansion and forced estate demolition.”

Green Mayor to champion business lending with a Bank for London

17 April 2016

“This is an idea that small enterprises, which make up 99 percent of all businesses in London, have been crying out for. It’s not healthy for a tiny number of very large commercial banks to dominate the market, and that’s not how they do things in many other European countries.”

Greens call time on Mayor’s failure to protect small businesses

12 April 2016

“Boris Johnson has ignored 99 percent of London's enterprise with his neglect of small businesses, and seems content for firms that make things in our city to go completely extinct”

Greens to levy workplace parking charge to fund public transport improvements

06 April 2016

“As part of our integrated plans for transport, a levy on workplace parking spaces is an effective way to reduce daily car travel by providing an incentive for employers to remove workplace parking and encourage sustainable travel”

Sian Berry launches manifesto to back private renters and council estates

04 April 2016

"Greens put fairness at the heart of all our policies, building more homes with co-operative and smaller companies not big developers"

I’ll save LGBT venues from developers’ wrecking ball vows Green mayoral candidate

30 March 2016

“The out-of-control London housing market threatens far too many pubs and clubs, no matter how successful. I will ensure that the need for housing does not force the closure of these venues”

London Greens urge ‘yes’ vote in EU referendum

30 March 2016

“Like so many of my generation, I’m used to Europe’s countries being united, working together and deciding some things collaboratively at a European level”

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