Mayor’s transport manifesto launch: Jenny Jones says London needs a ‘new vision’

26 March 2012

Reacting to the launch of Boris Johnson's transport manifesto, Green Party Mayoral candidate said:

"London needs a new vision for transport.

"Scores of deaths and injuries to cyclists, one of the worst congestion problems in Europe, an air pollution problem that leads to thousands of early deaths, creaking public transport infrastructure and fares that price Londoners off the tube. It is no longer acceptable for us to put our fingers in our ears and pretend everything is going to be ok with London's transport.

"Instead of wasting tens of millions every year in extra subsidy for a New Bus for London, as Mayor I would focus on lowering fares and making the roads safer.

"And instead of wasting hundreds of millions on new roads and capacity expansion, I would focus on improving the alternatives to driving and dealing with air pollution."

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