Animal Manifesto launch delayed

29 May 2017

Due to events, the launch of the Animal manifesto has been delayed.  The manifesto will set out the Green Party's platform of interest to a range of animal charities and groups.

Today thousands of people marched through the streets of London to save our foxes, which the Conservative Party have pledged to hunt.  At Cavendish Square, an Animal Welfare Party speaker, who is standing against Theresa May, spoke at length and told the Associated Press that he had been excluded from a recent Maidenhead hustings debate.  At the end of the rally on Whitehall, a speaker explained the scientific evidence, which the Government continually tried to suppress via their chief scientific officer, that fox hunting hounds are at risk of spreading diseases such as the virus that carries bovine TB.

The march included students and activists from around the country, and Greens for Animal Protection members, one of whom is standing for Parliament this year.

Until hoarse, protesters called to, "Save our foxes, keep the ban" and chanted, "There's no excuse for animal abuse!"

The march was attended by a range of groups including National Trust members, Care2, and hunt sabs, who believe that police institutions are taking the wrong side when it comes to foxes.

To see the Green Party's 2017 Animals manifesto please find it on the website.

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