Local Pledges

Our local parties and candidates have received a number of messages from local campaigns asking for support for issues in their specific boroughs. Please find your local part to find out more about pledges by Green council candidates in your borough.

Here you can find out about campaigns which operate London wide that every Green council candidate pledged to support once elected. Our Green Councillors will now be working hard to put their pledges into practice.

Greens the only party to pledge full support to LCC's “Space for Cycling” campaign

Natalie Bennett at space4cycling rallyThe Green Party is the only party in London to have given its full support to the London Cycling Campaign’s list of ward-by-ward asks for the upcoming local council elections.

The “Space for Cycling” campaign, which aims to improve quality of life for all by making local streets in London safe and inviting for everyone to cycle, has a campaign ask for each of the 624 local electoral wards in London.

Green Party Councillor in Islington and Local Transport Spokesperson for the Green Party Caroline Russell said:

“The London Green Party is proud to pledge its support to this vital campaign. The Green Party has a strong track record of supporting active travel and prioritising the movement of people on bikes and on foot over that of vehicles. We see safer streets for cycling as part of the solution to reducing road danger, air pollution and carbon emissions and making our city more liveable.

"Any elected Greens will work with local residents and London Cycling Campaign Groups to help make our streets more people-friendly, less vehicle-dominated, and great places to walk and cycle.”

LCC Chief Executive Ashok Sinha said:

“We’re thrilled at the level of support from many of the large parties in Greater London, and we expect many more candidates to back our local cycling improvements before the 22 May election.

“As well as the many individuals backing our local Space for Cycling measures, many parties have chosen to support Space for Cycling en masse, including the London-wide Greens, Sutton Labour, Merton Conservatives and Hackney Liberal Democrats.

“It looks like our calls for streets that are safe and inviting for everyone to cycle are resonating with mainstream policy-makers at borough level in way that hasn’t been achieved previously. We look forward to new councils being composed of more cycling supporters than ever before.”

Image: Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett and Lewisham Green Party council candidate for Brockley Matt Hawkins at the 2014 Big Ride supporting space4cycling in London.

Greens only party in London to speak up for London’s high streets with Living Streets campaign

Living Streets Group

The Green Party is the only party in London to have given its full support to a campaign run by the pedestrians’ organisation Living Streets to protect the city’s high streets.

The “Speak up for High Streets” campaign is calling on all council candidates in London to pledge to speak up for their neighbourhood high street if they are successfully elected following the May 22nd local elections.

The Green Party, which is fielding candidates in more wards across London than in any previous council election, has declared its full support for what it describes as a “vital campaign to support communities, build neighbourhoods, and protect pedestrians.”

Green Party Councillor for Islington and Local Transport Spokesperson for the Green Party Caroline Russell (pictured left) said:

“Thriving High Streets make London a great place to live and work.  London Green Party council candidates are happy to pledge their support for the six Living Streets measures to ensure the success of our High Streets.  If elected, Green councillors will champion walking, cycling and more people-friendly streets.”

Tom Platt, London Manager for Living Streets, the organisation responsible for the campaign, said:

“London’s high streets are part of our daily lives; they’re places where we live, work and shop. It’s not acceptable that many are unpleasant or unsafe places to walk.  By taking some simple steps, borough councils can help create thriving neighbourhoods where it’s great to walk and boost local trade by up to 40%. Living Streets are calling on local parties to pledge to speak up for high streets if elected in May.  We’re delighted that Green Party candidates across London are supporting the campaign.”

Living Streets argue that there is now an urgent need across London to protect local high streets – both to provide safer places for people to walk and to help protect community hubs. They point to research which shows that making streets better for walking can boost footfall and trade by 40%.