2014 London Borough Mayoral Elections

Greens come 2nd in Hackney and beat Lib Dems in Lewisham, Hackney and Tower Hamlets

2014 saw the election of Mayors in 4 of London's Boroughs: Hackney, Lewisham, Newham and Tower Hamlets. 

Lewisham Green Mayoral candidate Mike Keogh took 4th place with 10% of the votes - missing out on 3rd place by just 11 votes.

Hackney Green Mayoral candidate Misha Borris came 2nd behind Labour incumbent Jules Pipe, beating the Lib Dem, Conservative and independent candidates. Over 11,000 Hackney residents voted for her.

Newham Green Mayoral candidate Jane Lithgow came 4th, receiving nearly doubling the Lib Dem vote. 

Tower Hamlets Green Mayoral Candiate Chris Smith came 5th - he received more than double the number of votes given to the Liberal Democrat candidate. 

Read about their candidacies below

Mischa BorrisHackney Green Party Mayoral Candidate: Mischa Borris

Former Green Party councillor for Hackney Mischa Borris has announced her candidacy for the upcoming Mayoral election.

A life-long resident of the borough, Mischa's campaign to be Mayor will centre on important issues such as affordable housing for Hackney, decent jobs and family welfare. 

Mischa, who served Hackney as a Green Party councillor 2006-2010, said: "I think the number one issue for Hackney right now is the cost of housing, it affects everyone from renters to families needing more space. We also need more decent jobs, with pay and conditions which give security to people to plan their lives." 

She continued: "Whether under Labour or Tories, Hackney has always had high levels of deprivation - I’m appalled that there is a need for food banks in one of the world’s richest countries. I also share the frustration of many local people at the Labour council’s apparent reluctance to stand up for local people against developers. Just blaming everything on evil Tories isn’t good enough. Hackney is changing, and many of the changes are positive, but long-term residents mustn’t feel edged out by regeneration – we need economic development that works for everyone."

Mike KeoghLewisham Green Party Mayoral Candidate: Mike Keogh

Lewisham Green Party have confirmed that Mike Keogh will be their Mayoral candidate for the 2014 elections. 

Mike said, "The Greens are offering a real alternative to the other parties - standing up for vital council services, protecting our local environment and narrowing the gap between rich and poor. I'm delighted to have been selected as the Green candidate for Mayor and will be working hard to ensure we have a strong Green voice on the Council." 

Green councillor, Darren Johnson, said, "Mike has worked tirelessly for the people of Lewisham over the years, including his stint as a councillor and in his many voluntary roles. Although I'm stepping down we are working hard to get more Green councillors elected next May. It will be great to have Mike heading up our campaign." 

Mike previously stood as Green Party Mayoral Candidate in 2002 and 2006. 

Jane LithgowNewham Green Party Mayoral Candidate: Jane Lithgow

Jane has lived in Newham for thirty years and has a background working in the NHS and voluntary services with particular interests in mental health and children and family services. She is currently a freelance textile artist and works for various public and private organisations across London.

"Having lived in Newham for thirty years I am immensely proud of the great diversity and creative spirit that runs through the Borough. Now working for as a textile arts firm I have witnessed first-hand how Newham's artistic soul is being sapped by the government's swingeing cuts which have been heartlessly passed on to the people of Newham by our council and Mayor.

"If elected as Mayor I will fight cuts to Newham's public services. I will prioritise public spending over wasteful vanity projects such as the Mayor's Newham Magazine. I will endeavour to preserve and enhance Newham's local environment by turning the borough into a champion of recycling in London and encouraging community gardening. Having been previously flooded out of my own home I am also passionate about protecting our community from the devastating impacts of future floods".

Chris SmithTower Hamlets Green Party Mayoral Candidate: Chris Smith

Chris Smith who came third in the London Assembly elections in 2013 for the City & East constituency will be running as Mayoral and a local councillor candidate in next year’s elections.

Alistair Polson, chair of Tower Hamlets Green Party commented:

'I am delighted to announce that Chris Smith will be the Green Party candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets in 2014.

Chris is well known in his ward, Weavers, where he has promoted campaigns to block inappropriate planning applications, reduce air pollution and fought to clean up Brick Lane and the surrounding area. He has called for proper help for the drug addicts who are forced to deal and take drugs near schools and housing areas. He offers the Green Party’s radical solutions to the problems of local residents who are being targeted by our brutal government.

He has campaigned to protect those affected by the bedroom tax and fought to highlight the terrible problems which will be caused by the benefit cap on some of the poorest members of our community. He will be the candidate with the best, most far reaching and ambitious policies for Tower Hamlets in the election.'