Our 2014 European candidates received a number of emails from Londoners about issues they care about, and asking that Greens pledge to do their best to resolve these concerns when elected.

Our candidates are very pleased to hear from Londoners and speak to them about particular policy issues that concern them - thank you very much if you have already been in touch. I

Below are a list of pledges are candidates have been proud to be able to sign. Please note that candidates were contacted regarding a large number of issues  - if your pledge is not listed here, it does not definitely mean they are not signed up or they do not want to support it. 

Jean Lambert was re-elected in May 2014 as London's Green MEP and is now working hard to put her pledges into practice.

Pledging to protect the Environment and Animals

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to work towards recognising ecocide as a crime and urging the UN to establish an international crime court for the enviroment and health.

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to support EU policies which ensure that Europe’s use of natural resources stays within the limits of One Planet.

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to:

• Work to ensure an animal welfare framework law is adopted that provides the
highest level of welfare possible
• Endeavour to minimise live animal transport, review the existing legislation to
maximise the protection of animals and ensure it is enforced across the EU
• Promote a comprehensive EU strategy to decrease animal testing while driving
the acceptance and uptake of alternative methods
• Ensure animal welfare is clearly included in the EU-US Trade agreement
• Introduce legislation that will ban the cloning of animals for food
• Develop EU wide standards for breeding and trade of companion animals
to protect animal welfare and ensure traceability
• Work to reduce the number of species and animals being kept as exotic pets and
to maximise their welfare

In addition they will strive to ensure that animals are recognised as sentient beings in
all legislation that comes before the Parliament and strive to ensure all existing
animal welfare related legislation is properly enforced.

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From Green Party no.2 candidate Caroline Allen:

"As a practising vet, number 2 Euro candidate and the Green Party Animal Spokesperson I am pleased to confirm that the Green Party European Election candidates are all very concerned about animal protection.

"Our Green MEPs have a proven track record working on these issues in the European Parliament. 

"Please do have a look at our special Animal Manifesto that we have produced for these elections. Here you will see our record of action and strong commitment on many animal issues, including all the ones raised in these pledges. 

"You can see the manifesto here

"Please do share it.

"If you would like to find out more about why a Green vote is a vote for animals please do follow Greens for Animal Protection.

You can find us on Twitter and Facebook ." 

Pledging to promote Democracy

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to vote for a more democratic Europe and a new European Convention. 

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to work for greater efficiency by demanding an end to the European Parliament's three working places arrangement, and giving it a logical Single Seat - in Brussels.



Pledging to support LGBTIQ rights

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to stand up for human rights and equality in Europe as a member of the European Parliament, including the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people (LGBTI). They pledge to pledge to advance LGBTI equality by supporting the following actions: 

  • Adopt an EU Roadmap on LGBTI equality
  • Enforce human rights within the EU
  • Complete the EU anti-discrimination law
  • Combat homophobic and transphobic violence
  • Promote an inclusive definition of family in EU policies
  • Take a lead in protecting trans rights
  • Take action against school bullying
  • Tackle discrimination and inequalities in health
  • Ensure effective protection for LGBTI asylum-seekers
  • Make the EU the world champion of equality for LGBTI people

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Please do have a look at our special LGBTIQ manifesto that we have produced for these elections. Here you will see our record of action and strong commitment on many LGBTIQ issues, including all the ones raised in this pledge. 

You can see the manifesto here

Please do share it.

If you would like to find out more about why a Green vote is a vote for the equality of all, regardless of gender or sexuality, please do follow LGBTIQ Greens.

You can find us on Twitter and Facebook 

Pledging to make Trade and Investment work for the common good

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to  stand up for trade and investment rules that serve people and the environment, and promote development objectives. Once elected, they pledge to take action to bring about a full-scale re-think of the EU’s trade and investment policy.

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From Green Party no.2 candidate Caroline Allen:

"I am delighted to see that thousands of people are taking their own action over damaging trade deals. 

"Fighting these trade deals is something in which myself and other Greens are heavily involved. In fact it is only the Green Group in the European Parliament that has come out very strongly against TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The other parties seem to think our democracy, worker's rights, consumer, environmental and animal welfare protections are up for negotiation- Greens do not!

You can find out more about the European Green Party campaign against TTIP here.

I have also been personally involved in campaigning on this issue, and I proposed a motion to the England and Wales Green Party Conference which confirmed our strong opposition to TTIP and that it would be a key campaigning issue for us. You can read more about this here.

You can also see the work our Greens MEPs have been doing on the issue in this report."

Watch: Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, explains why the Greens are against TTIP

Digital Rights

London's Green Euro Candidates pledge to oppose any measure that removes the power to make decisions on matters that affect European citizen's fundamental rights from the judiciary or democratically-elected policy-makers.

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From Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London since 1999 and London Green Party no.1 European candidate:

"Greens in the European Parliament have been leading the way in the protection and championing of our digital rights. Having hosted an event on digital rights with the Open Rights Group at the Green Party's national Conference, I recently highlighted the importance of net neutrality - see here for more info.

"As well as being profoundly committed to net neutrality, Greens are strong advocates for the protection of digital rights from vested commercial interests, and the safeguarding of our data and privacy from mass e-surveillance, as exposed by Edward Snowden's revelations. 

"The Greens have been the leading voice in the European Parliament calling for Edward Snowden to receive protection in the EU, tabling an amendment which called on EU Member States to drop criminal charges, if any, against Edward Snowden and grant him protection and consequently prevent extradition or rendition by third parties, in recognition of his status as whistle blower and international human rights defender.

"Unfortunately many other MEPs did not support this call. You can find out more about the Greens' #BlameTheGame campaign here. The Green Group in the European Parliament have also been running a #RespectMyPrivacy online campaign, which you can support at

"Green MEPs led the initiative within the European Parliament which successfully stopped ACTA, the controversial international anti-counterfeiting agreement which would have undermined digital freedoms. The proposed EU-US trade deal, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), is of ongoing concern, including its e-commerce provisions which could undermine the protection of EU citizens' private data. Unlike some other political parties, Greens are opposing this trade deal.

"On digital rights more generally, further details about the work of Green MEPs can be found here.

"The Green Party's longstanding policy in this area can be found here with greater detail here.

"As a London's Green MEP I will continue to make digital rights, as summarised in the Charter of Digital Rights, a key priority."


London's Green Euro Candidates pledge to help every patient in the EU by improving biomedical research and maintaining the UK’s global leadership in this field.

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From London Green Party no.2 candidate Caroline Allen:

"As someone with a close family member with a diagnosis of Parkinson's I know all too well that there is a lack of coordinated support and that much more work/money is require to provide support for people and families who are suffering from the complex illness. Supporting those with chronic illness requires a strong NHS, with care provided free at the point of access and free from the damanage of privitisation and much better support for carers - two issues Greens have fought hard on.

Better research is vital to helping those suffering with chronic illness and in helping to prevent others from experiencing it. For this reason, the Greens want to see an end to all animal experimentation and will call for an EU strategy that ensures research funding is directed away from failing and outdated animal disease models towards human biology based techniques, which offer greater opportunities to cure disease. In the field of Parkinson's, the use of animals in research has so far led to far too many dead ends."

Young People's Issues

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to:

  • fight for increased protection for young workers, volunteers and interns, more youth rights and quality eduction.
  • support the inclusion of youth representatives in the EU, to create a stronger framework for youth policy in the EU, to work for the implementation of the Youth Guarentee and to remove barriers to youth mobility.
  • support instruments and policies of direct citizen participation
  • support an EU budget which is more focused on supporting environmentally sustainable economic growth and social cohesion.

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From Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London since 1999 and London Green Party no.1 European candidate:

"The Green Party actually is a party which is not only looking at the future – it's also looking at how we get there from where we are at the moment.

"We know that there are very high levels of youth unemployment, particularly in London. We know that we have problems about creating jobs that are quality, decent jobs.

"The Greens in the European Parliament were the ones who brought forward the idea of a 'Youth Guarantee' at the European level, which after 4 months of unemployment gives people access to training, to employment , to work experience or to education. That's important, It keeps people in touch with the labour market, it gives people relevant experience.

"But we need to be much more intelligent about skills matching, about providing jobs and of course there are jobs to be had, and to be created, in the new technologies, in actually creating our energy futures, our societal futures.

"But the Greens are also absolutely adamant about the needs and the voice of young people to be heard and to be active within politics."

In 2014 the Green Party became the first main political party to publish a youth manifesto. Read it here.

To find out more about what Greens in London Party are doing for and with young people, please follow them on facebook or twitter

Human Rights

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to put people before borders.

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From Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London since 1999 and London Green Party no.1 European candidate (and the Green Party’s Spokesperson on Immigration, left):

“Quite simply, we must put the human rights of migrants – particularly, their right to life itself – first.

“We have seen terrible loss of life over the years as some EU member states have refused to step in and help migrants whose lives have been in danger during attempts to enter the EU by sea. This must stop. Rescue-at-sea is an obligation.

“Green MEPs fundamentally agree with Amnesty International that both recent loss of life and the continued routine detention of asylum seekers and migrants must end and EU law be respected.

“We must find safe routes to Europe for those seeking safety and use EU Funds used to ensure the implementation of human rights and high protection standards. We need to live up to the values we espouse.”

London's Green Euro candidates pledge to stand up for human rights by:

1. Promote the EU’s founding principles and the objectives of its human rights and democracy policy through my daily work in all Parliamentary committees and delegations, dealing with both internal and external affairs

2. Publicly and privately raise human rights abuses and cases of individuals at risk in plenary and committee/delegation meetings, with EU officials, EU Member States, EU national parliamentarians and with the countries concerned and through initiating resolutions, statements and letters

3. Regularly meet with NGOs and human rights defenders in Brussels and Strasbourg, in my home country and on my visits to other countries

4. Support the improvement of the Parliament’s work on human rights and democracy to actively support structural reform including the upgrading of the current Sub-Committee on Human Rights (DROI) to a fully-fledged committee; for all Committees and Delegations to task a Vice Chair with a specific responsibility for human rights and to reform the “urgencies” (rule 122) procedure

5. Improve transparency within the Parliament and within other EU institutions to ensure a public record on all votes on human rights issues, for all high level EP positions to be appointed in a transparent manner and for hearings with EU officials to be held in public

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From Jean Lambert, , Green MEP for London since 1999 and London Green Party no.1 European candidate:

"I work closely with a wide range of organisations – including Liberty, of which I am a ‘council member’, Amnesty International, and Ice and Fire, a London-based performance group dealing solely with the subject of human rights.

"I have consistently called for the repeal of draconian anti-terror legislation, and the closure of the US torture camp at Guantanamo Bay. I have also been actively involved in the campaign for EU countries to find a home for Guantanamo detainees ‘cleared for release’, especially in the case of Shaker Aamer, the London resident still being held there after 12 years.

"I have also worked hard to raise the profile of the European Parliament’s prestigious ‘Sakharov Prize’ for human rights, which marked its 25th anniversary in 2013. Recipients have included Aang San Suu Kyi, Malala Yousafzai and Taslima Nasrin, the Bangladeshi feminist author and doctor effectively still living in exile.

"In 2005 I was honoured to be awarded the title of MEP for Human Rights for my work in this field.

"Promoting human rights and civil liberties in the London, the UK, the EU, and the rest of the world, currently forms a central plank of the work of myself and my Green colleagues in the European Parliament - and will continue to do so if I am re-elected."


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