EU Elections

EU Elections May 23 2019

Our EU election campaign has now been launched with Scott Ainslie and Gulnar Hasnain as our lead candidates for London. The Green Party is proudly standing up for gold standard climate action and the rights of all Europeans in these democratic and proportional elections. See our manifesto here.

EU candidates Scott, Gulnar and Shahrar 

If you want to help our campaign, here's an overview of campaign activities you can join.

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Our Candidates

1. Scott AinslieLead candidate Scott Ainslie

Greens are the Remain party for London who have consistently been re-elected to represent London for over 20 years. If you support Remaining in the EU, vote Green. We are the only Remain party in London with an MEP.


Scott says: ‘I am so proud of Londoners for being ahead of the curve in electing and re-electing The Green Party since 1999. We are the most credible Pro-Remain party on the ballot – proudly European with a real, long-term plan for the Climate Emergency. Where Greens lead, others follow: in 2015, we were the only party to stand on an anti-austerity platform; in 2016, our MP, Caroline Lucas was the first to call for a People’s Vote – a referendum on the final deal. Greens are the cure for the sickness in our politics unleashed by the Brexit project.’


2. Gulnar Hasnain

Gulnar Hasnain 

Gulnar has stood twice as Parliamentary Candidate in Vauxhall, one of the largest Remain constituencies in the country. She will represent the views of all Londoners and through our EU campaign will:

- Campaign for a People’s Vote and take our message to the heart of the country and the EU;

- Fight against the hostile environment for refugees and migrants;

- Protect the rights of our young people and future generations by keeping up the pressure on tackling Climate Change and securing our Environmental Protections.


3. Shahrar Ali

Shahrar Ali

Shahrar stands for the Politics of Equality, Accountability, Survival. For the EU his priorities are:

Putting the climate emergency front and centre of everything we do. As your Green MEP, Shahrar will speak out – unapologetically – across London and beyond to get us on a war footing. He has promoted energy efficiency, campaigned against incineration and fracking, and is a founding signatory to Extinction Rebellion.

Fighting poverty and discrimination. Shahrar is a regular speaker at anti-racism demonstrations and was part of the successful campaign to bring home Guantanamo detainees. He launched the first BME election manifesto in Brick Lane and campaigned against race-based policing, UKBA raids, racist van slogans and the hostile environment.


4. Rachel Collinson     5. Eleanor Margolies  6. Remco van der Stoep    

Rachel Collinson   Eleanor Margolis   Remco van der Stoep 

7. Kirsten de Keyser     8. Peter Underwood

 Kirsten de Keyser


London Assembly and Mayor of London Elections 2020

This election is held under a fair voting system so every vote counts, which makes it one of the most important election campaigns the Greens can fight.  

In the London Assembly now, our two hard-working Greens, Caroline Russell and Siân Berry, are showing the difference that Greens in the room can make. They have: 

  • Secured a ballot for estate residents whose homes are threatened with demolition.
  • Persuaded the Mayor to back a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal. 
  • Secured 45 million pounds for youth services where money had been cut. 
  • Got the current Mayor to declare emergency action on climate change by 2030
  • Campaigned for rent controls to the point where they now appear to be a central plank of the current Mayor's 2020 manifesto.

Our Mayor of London candidate 2020

Sian Berry

The Mayor of London is elected using the Supplementary Vote system. You make a first and second choice when you vote.

Siân Berry is our Green Party Mayoral candidate.  As a London Assembly Member she has worked tirelessly to fulfil the promises made to Londoners since her election to the London Assembly in 2016. As Mayor of London she will be able to do much more to bring in the policies of our Green Manifesto. Siân is also a Councillor in the Highgate ward of Camden.


More on Sian Berry as London Assembly Member


Our Londonwide Assembly candidates

London Assembly members are elected using the Additional Member system. You vote once for your constituency member and once for a London-wide representative.

We have a strong and diverse team of people ready to represent Londoners on the Assembly where the number of Green candidates elected will be proportional to the number of Green votes we get.  Here, in order of preference, are the candidates we have selected in addition to Siân who is number one on our list.  

Caroline Russell Assembly candidate

 2. Caroline Russell

Caroline is currently working alongside Siân in Assembly where, among other things she has stood up for workers  in the gig economy, exposed the damage done by single-use plastic un-flushable products, produced a ground-breaking report on the financial health of Londoners and argued for clean air and safe conditions for walking and cycling.

More on Caroline Russell as London Assembly Member



Zack Polanski

 3. Zack Polanski 

Zack Polanski is also the constituency candidate for West Central London and is standing in Cities of London & Westminster for Parliamentary elections. 

Fully immersed in London's gig economy, he has worked as an actor, communications trainer, counsellor and youth worker in schools and Universities. He is also a member of the London International Gospel Choir.

A strong advocate for Proportional Representation and Universal Basic Income, his particular interest on the Assembly will be defending our civil liberties.



Benali Hamdache

 4. Benali Hamdache

As a Green campaigner in Islington Benali has stood with communities fighting damp in council homes and protecting community centres and he has co-authored the Green Party’s BAME and LGBTIQA+ manifestos.  His priorities on the London Assembly would be to work with a broad coalition of environmental campaigners to keep climate change on the agenda and to challenge the discrimination that keeps BAME people out of work, fight against cuts to sexual health services and work to protect our gay nightlife.



Gulnar Hanain

 5. Gulnar Hasnain

Gulnar worked for the Mayor of London’s Economic Development Agency when former Green London Assembly members Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones were in place.  She has seen that only the Green Party offers genuine scrutiny on issues that matter to Londoners - affordable housing, renters rights, a transport system that works, air pollution, crime, local jobs and businesses and the protection of our parks and green space.




Shahrah Ali

6. Sharah Ali 

Dr Shahrar Ali is Green Party Home Affairs spokesperson and its former Deputy Leader 2014-16 – the first BME deputy of a UK parliamentary party. He entered green politics after working as a researcher in the European Parliament. Shahrar has a PhD in philosophy, in which he tackled the morality of lying and deception and is author of two popular books on Green politics. He has been active across London and nationally for the best part of two decades, campaigning on civil liberties, access to properly funded public services and the climate emergency.



Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah

7. Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah

Rosamund’s first priority for the London Assembly is Air Pollution and the need to uphold the right of every child to breathe clean air.  She is also committed to better, cleaner and more efficient trains and buses, cheaper prices, including free transport for under 19s in full time education and safer cycle lanes.  As a former head of 6th form in S.E. London she understands the importance of education in providing the skills and confidence our young people need to succeed and will lobby for increased funding for young people’s mental health and for London’s high exclusion rates to be addressed.  Housing is also a priority for Rosamund and she believes that a new target of 50% social housing in each new large development should be set.


Ben Fletcher

 8. Ben Fletcher

Ben is profoundly Deaf and partially-sighted and is bilingual in English and British Sign Language.

He stood for the Green Party in Putney in the 2017 General Election and in Southfields ward in the 2018 local elections and was awarded the Most Inspiring Candidate award at the 2017 Autumn Conference.  If elected to the London Assembly in 2020, he will work hard to make the policies of the Green Party a reality in London and to proudly represent the Deaf and disabled community who are currently under-represented in British political life.


Scott Ainslee

 9. Scott Ainslie

In 2014 Scott was elected as the sole Green councillor in Lambeth and spent the next four years facing down a ruling neoliberal Labour Party as they sought to demolish council estates and turn libraries into gyms. He was re-elected to Lambeth Council along with four fellow Greens in 2018 and in early 2019 Lambeth became the first Council to declare a Climate Emergency.  Scott continues the fight for Climate Action, Clean Air and Londoners’ right to a safe, secure and affordable home.



Hannah Graham10. Hannah Graham

Hannah Graham is a Green Party activist based in London. She was Co-Chair of the Young Greens, the youth wing of the party from 2017-2018 and sat as a voting member of the Green Party Executive (GPEx) during this time. She has been an active part of youth and student movements, currently working for UK Youth and previously having been elected as Vice President at Teesside University Students’ Union, and a member of the NUS National Executive Committee. Her priorities include fighting to protect our capital’s youth services in the campaign to end youth violence in London.

Peter Underwood


11. Peter Underwood

Peter Underwood is an activist in the Croydon & Sutton Green Party and stood as the party's candidate in Croydon South at the General Election. Peter worked in the civil service for many years developing policy in welfare benefits, employment programmes, and renewable energy. Peter currently works for two charities, The Conservation Volunteers and Trees for Life, supporting volunteers in practical environment conservation and rewilding projects.




London Assembly Constituency candidates


Constituency Name
Barnet and Camden  selection in progress
Bexley and Bromley Kate Matos
Brent and Harrow Shaka Lish
City and East Tim Kiely
Croydon and Sutton Peter Underwood
Ealing and Hillingdon Marijn van de Geer
Enfield and Haringey Jarelle Francis
Greenwich and Lewisham Rosamund Kissi-Debrah
Havering and Redbridge Melanie Collins
Lambeth and Southwark Gulnar Hasnain
Merton and Wandsworth Pippa Maslin
North East Caroline Russell
South West Andree Frieze
West Central Zack Polanski